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Espresso dripping through portafilter

Coffee Machines and Supplies

Whether you want a coffee machine to make lattes or flat whites or you're looking for an easy in-office coffee solution, we can help you.

We offer traditional, bean to cup and tabletop coffee machines. Our selection includes Iberital espresso machines, Coffetek distance selection, bean to cup machines and the popular Matrix soluble product tabletop machines.

We offer free delivery (subject to terms and conditions), installation and setup with new machines as well as barista training.

We also provide ongoing maintenance and repair to our customers to ensure you can continue to serve refreshing coffee.

“I would like to confirm the coffee machine in the reception area has been a huge success. I have received a host of comments on the machine and the quality of the drinks from the machine. The service I have received from your team has been absolutely fantastic and any request has been dealt with very quickly.”


Traditional Coffee Machines

Espresso being pulled from traditional coffee machine


We are official distributors for Iberital espresso machines.


These beautiful and innovative machines are engineered with the latest technology. This ensures that your baristas have ultimate control during the coffee-making process. This means that your customers will receive an excellent cup of coffee each and every time.

With these traditional espresso machines, you can make excellent espresso, lattes, flat whites and so much more.

Browse some of our more popular solutions

Iberital Espression

Iberital Espression Pro.jpg

Iberital IB7

Iberital IB7

Iberital Intenz

Iberital Intenz.jpg

Other Popular Models

Iberital Vision

Iberital Vision.jpg

Iberital Espresso Machine

Iberital Espresso Machine.jpg

Coffee Grinders

Coffee grinder

Coffee grinders are a key tool in making excellent coffee. Grinding coffee is essential for proper extraction and great-tasting coffee. The type of grinder, its maintenance and settings will all impact the taste and quality of the coffee you make. Having a uniform grind of the right size will put you in good stead for a great cup of coffee.

Browse some of our more popular solutions.

Mazzer Grinder

Mazzer Grinder.jpg

Macap Grinder

Macap grinder.jpg

The perfect cup for every office space

Touch free bean to cup coffee machine in office.jpg

The "Break Out" area in your office is the place where the best ideas are born, where the most important conversations take place, or simply where employees restore their energy to keep on working. Discover a range of machines oriented toward making this space more pleasant.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Coffetek vitro espresso machine

We specialise in touchless bean to cup espresso machines for the corporate sector throughout most areas of England and Wales. We can provide your office with “coffee shop quality” coffee and other beverages.



These machines offer simplicity and great taste. They contain a myriad of user-friendly features to ensure that each cup is perfect and enjoyable. We all wish we could have an in-office barista, but this is the next best thing. These coffee machines make “coffee shop quality” coffee right in your workspace.


We can provide machines both with and without coin mechanisms.

We supply these machines across most of the UK (except the highlands and islands) and provide backup via our service partners.


Whatever the requirement, whatever the location, we have a solution.

Browse some of our popular solutions below.

Vitro X1.jpg
Vitro X1 Mia.jpg
Vitro S1.jpg

Distance Selection Technology

We offer distance selection on our bean to cup machines. This technology removes the need for the user to touch the machine, instead allowing selection to be made without direct contact from 2 cm away. This hygiene management system creates a more sanitary coffee experience.

Tabletop Coffee Machines

We also carry a range of quality tabletop coffee machines.


These compact machines consistently deliver a range of delicious quality drinks quickly. These soluble machines are suitable for hotels, receptions and office spaces.

Browse some of our more popular solutions.

Matrix Magnum

Matrix Mini Magnum.jpg

Matrix Xpression

Matrix Xpression.jpg


Sovereign coffee maker.jpg


Barista pressing coffee grounds into portafilter with tamper

We provide all the necessary accoutrements to go with your coffee machine including

  • Jugs

  • Thermometers

  • Scales

  • Tampers

  • Brushes

  • Shot pots

  • Timers

  • Cleaning products

We offer free delivery (subject to terms and conditions), installation and set-up as well as free barista training to ensure you are all set to make great coffee.


We supply our bean to cup machines throughout most of the UK (except highlands & Islands) and provide backup via our service partners together with Coffee and all the other ingredients needed to make great beverages.

Lease purchase and lease rentals can be arranged if required, subject to the usual terms and conditions.

Traditional Coffee Machines
Bean to cup coffee machines
Coffee supplies
Tabletop coffee machines
Coffee Grinders
Call us today to ask about our coffee machines

We are on hand to get you set up with a traditional espresso machine, bean to cup or a tabletop coffee machine and all the supplies to need to make great coffee.

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